2117 Fieldstown Rd., Gardendale, AL 35071

GSC Club League

  • Teams are coached by volunteer coaches
  • Teams compete in the state CASL league
  • Practices are two times per week
  • Games are on weekends, with eight games per season

Team Volunteer Coaches

Both the Futures League and the GSC Rec League programs rely on volunteer coaches. We appreciate that this can be a significant commitment, particularly for first-time coaches, so the club is committed to assisting its volunteer coaches in any way possible. The following is a list of coaching responsibilities for our U9-U18 coaches, as well as a list of resources to help our volunteer coaches prepare to deliver a fun, constructive football experience for all of the kids. Thanks in advance for everything you do!

U9 - U18 Coaching Responsibilities

Coaching Resources

  • Ensure that your players are having fun and learning the game of soccer!
  • Reinforce a good attitude and mentality for learning and sportsmanship.
  • Communicate team specific details to your players and parents –  we will also at times ask you to communicate critical club announcements, as mass email communications from the club can sometimes find its way to spam folders, and not everyone visits the website frequently.
  • Organize and facilitate practice sessions.
  • Organize lineups and equal playing time for all players during games
  • Occasionally assist in making sure field lights are on/off
  • Occasionally assist in making sure fields are set up for game day
  • Managing printed rosters for game days
  • Reporting game scores to the CASL league
  • GSC staff will hold a U9-U18 Coaches’ Informational meeting prior to the season.  We will give tips and strategies to running a training session for U9-U18 players, discuss some basic fundamental development habits of soccer players of this age, as well as discuss the details of participating in the CASL spring league.
  • All coaches will receive a Volunteer Coaches Handbook which will include the following (and more) information specific to the age group:
    • Information on the developmental aspects of your players
    • Tips and advice on how to run a training session
    • Game day protocol, tips and advice
    • A library of drills and games will be provided which is age-appropriate for each age group rang